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Affordable Athletic Tanks & Shorts for Summer:

Hello everyone!

Hope yall are staying safe but active and are doing well mentally as we are all still living your best quarantine life.

Since I have been working from home for the past 2.5 months and mostly wearing athletic clothing around the house, I wanted to make this post on some really cute and affordable pieces for the Summer time!

To start off, the places I shopped are , Old Navy, Winners as well as a new found favorite brand on called CRZ YOGA!

I have tried my best to categorize these, however I will start off with my favorite combination of neon yellow and white!


Yellow tank top: Walmart (size small);

Camo shorts: Walmart (size extra small);

Yellow neon shorts: Walmart (size extra small);

White tank top: Amazon, CRZ YOGA (size small);

White Bra: Amazon, CRZ YOGA (size small);

These next four outfits are equally as adorable, and can you tell I am very into neon this Summer!


Teal tank top: Walmart (size small);

Teal shorts: Walmart (size extra small);

Peach tank top with back opening: Ardene (size small);

Tropical print shorts: Old Navy (size extra small);

Neon orange shorts: Walmart (size extra small);

Peach tank top, no back opening: Old Navy (size small);

Coral tank top with size ruching detail: Walmart (size medium);

Tie dye shorts: Old Navy (size extra small);

Tie dye hat: Walmart

These outfits are a little bit more miscellaneous and tamed down as the colours are not as bright and they were hard to fit into any other category!


Basic black shorts: Walmart (size extra small);

Mint tank top: Winners (size small);

Muted purple tank top: Winners (size small);

Blue shorts: Old Navy (size small) ;

Light blue tank top: Old navy (size small);

Light blue shorts with flower design: Old Navy (size small);

I have saved one of my other favorites for last as who doesn't love a good blue camo set!

This whole set is from Winners and both the sports bra as well as the shorts are in a size small.

Overall Thoughts:

I will say that all of the shorts that are from Walmart are amazing quality and only $7.00 CAD!!! The old Navy shorts run around $20.00 CAD but they are currently having a 40% off sale at my location and can always find a good sale online as well!

I really do think that Walmart has stepped up its game with their DRI-MORE TECH athletic brand and you should not be passing any of these items up. They are all very airy, breathable and bright coloured, perfect for Summer weather anywhere!

Winners is always a good one stop shop for affordable work out gear. The tops I normally get from there normally run around $15.00-$20.00 CAD as well but you can find some name brand stuff as well if that's what you are looking for.

Now moving on to the tips and tricks that I have been following the past 14 days and have lost 5 pounds:)

About 3-4 years ago I followed the Dukan Diet with my mom and both of us lost a good 20 pounds. It was right after University that I put on a bit of weight and wanted to make a positive change. I joined a gym and started eating healthier.

With my husband coming to the end of his deployment and with gyms being closed due to covid, I wanted to follow the Dukan Diet again to shed off the last couple pounds!

DISCLAIMER: Let me preface this by saying, I am not a medical professional by any means and this is just what I am choosing to follow and what works for my body!

I won't go into the details of it as it can be found on the internet, however it starts off with the first week or 5-10 days called the attack phase. This week you are allowed to eat all the lean protein you want, dairy products less than 2%, eggs, 2L of water each day as well and 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran each day (the intake of oat bran is very important as it boost your metabolism). I usually eat 2% plain yogurt with the oat bran in the mornings for breakfast.

**You can drink iced tea that is zero sugar as well as any other carbonated drink that has zero sugar in it.

This is the phase that will help you kick start your weight loss. I lost a total of 3 pounds during this phase and I was on it for 6-7 days. The other important factor is that you want to include at least 30 minutes of exercise in your routine.

The second phase, which I am currently in lasts for as long and you want it to until you reach your desired goal. The only difference in this phase is that now you can add non starchy veggies in on alternating days. One day of phase one and the next phase two that includes veggies and so on.

I have lost a total of 5 pounds in the last 14 days, but more importantly I don't feel bloated at all! This is a huge win for me alone:) The other added factors to this phase as opposed to the attack phase is that you can now eat 2 table spoons of oat bran and increase the exercise to at least 45 minutes each day.

Losing on average 2 pounds a week as well as drinking 2L of water a day and pairing it with going to the gym is a healthy way to transform fat into muscle and live a healthier lifestyle.

The later stages also teach you how you can slowly add in grains, healthy carbs and fruits in moderation so that you aren't depriving your body of all the good stuff either!

I think a diet or lifestyle change such as this teaches you to be way more self aware of everything you feed your body and it provides your body with only what it needs as opposed to overeating because you are bored.

Click this link for more information on the -> Dukan Diet



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