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Apartment Tour (Portage West)

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Adam and I moved into our new apartment (yes it is our 3rd move in BC...) at Portage West mid August and we were lucky enough to get to enjoy some of summer living in a waterfront community that also has a pool among other amazing things!

To start off, the apartment is located on the Gorge Waterway in View Royal, British Columbia. It is a one bedroom plus flex room that has one bathroom and a spacious balcony overlooking the water. It does have beautiful white quarts counter tops and Electolux stainless steel appliances (fridge, dishwasher, stove+ hood fan and we have our own microwave that is also stainless steel to match the rest of the appliances) as well as a BIG pantry...which was a good renting point for me!

For some background information on the location and building itself, it used to be an old Econolodge Motel that the owner and his family invested $3.6 million dollars into creating an apartment living community.

Another huge renting point for us was that the units are completely pet friendly and allows for bigger sized dogs. We find that in Victoria it is harder to find a rental unit that 1. allows pets to begin with but 2. allows bigger sized dogs (even though our dog is technically a medium sized doggo).

Furthermore, everyone that rents at Portage West has access to their gym, outdoor pool, kayak and paddle board rentals as well as on site laundry facilities. Recycling and garbage bins are also outside of the facility close to the on site laundry building.

Last but not least, a mix of undercover or outdoor parking is available on site as we do have the two Jeeps!

We finally have finished the entryway by adding out last pieces of furniture which were the ottoman and carpet runners!

Below I will list where everything is from and try to find links if I can since all of the items are recently purchased:

Ottoman: Walmart (online) <---- click here

Runners: Walmart (in store) <---- click here

I am not able to find the online version of these runners, however they are 2" x 6" in size and are part of the attached link collection.

Mirror: Homesense (Facebook Marketplace online)

Shoe Cabinet: JYSK (in store)

I was unable to find the exact shoe cabinet that we have online since we also purchased that piece back in January 2019, so below are some similar pieces.




Rustic Coat Rack: DIY

1"x8"x6" of Barn Board: Homedepot (in store) <---- click here

Hooks: Amazon (online) <---- click here

Any other decor that you spot around the house is most likely from: Winners, Homesense, Marshalls, Walmart, Wayfair, Amazon, Michaels or smaller boutique type stores that we have collected from back in Ontario.

Our bedroom in this apartment is smaller than the one that we had in the Langford house, however we are still able to fit our Wayfair queen size bed as well as the two night stands on either side.

In order to save space Adam mounted our television onto the wall and I purchased and installed the Cord Channel in order to hide the cables leading down to the outlet. This particular Cord Channel can be found at Home Depot (link below) and it has double sided tape so that no damage is caused to the wall since we are renting.

The rest of our bedroom pictured furniture and links can be found below:

Bed frame: Wayfair (online) <---- click here

Mattress and Box Spring: The Brick (in store)

Bedding: Ikea (in store or online)<---- click here

Nightstands: Winners/ Homesense (in store)

Lamps: Winners/ Homesense (in store)

Curtains: Winners/ Homesense (in store)

As mentioned, the apartment comes with one bathroom that has a decently sized bathtub as well as an office space that Adam has set up as his man cave/gaming room.

The Acoustic Panels which Adam used to soundproof the gaming room are linked below:

As soon as you walk past the bathroom you immediately enter the main living space as well as the kitchen area.

Adam and I opted for a smaller bar style table with two stools versus our old big dining table to save space and we have also set up the coffee station the same way as we had it in our previous two homes. The bar style table and two stools is a Walmart in store find!

The island cart is from JYSK, however it was a purchase off Facebook Marketplace back in January when we moved to Victoria, BC.

I will be honest, this pantry was the renting point for me! I had a clear vision for organization when we walked through the apartment and I am almost there with finishing it.

I will admit, it's still not as organized as I would like it to be, however the Dollarstore bins and labels make it really easy for both Adam and I to store anything after use and to ensure everything stays neat and tidy!

I love how the cabinets in the kitchen area do not match from top to bottom. However, my dream kitchen is about 3-4 times the size of this one with all white cabinets and a walk in pantry... a girl can dream!

Most of our kitchen knick knacks on display are from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart or Rae Dunn from Winners/Homesense because I am obsessed with a rustic look while Adam is more on the modern side.

The spice rack was a Winners/Homesense find that I spray painted this mint colour to match the colour theme of the whole apartment. Also, the table runner is from Amazon (link below).

The kitchen and living room is where most people spend time as a family so for this apartment we went with a very cozy feel when choosing how to arrange the furniture.

We gave Gunner's crate, food and water bowl their own corner off the kitchen area as well as added some extra shelving for office supplies, decor and any miscellaneous items that needed a home.

For the rest of it we kept it quite the same as we had it set up before and played around with our fall decor!

One good trick at switching decor out with the season is to get different coloured throw blankets as well as multiple different pillow covers.

p.s. Gunner did manage to chew the corner of one of my new pillow covers and so I ended up patching it up with iron on black and white patches so that it would camouflage in pictures.... don't judge me...

Plaid black and white pillow covers:

Every season I keep the same wreath base, yet I change out the ornaments and flowers on it to match the time of year. For fall I decided to keep some of the spring yellow and white flowers and to add more orange flowers as well as a white pumpkin, a porcupine and some sunflowers of course!

What we got to enjoy of summer 2019 at Portage West was amazing to say the least. Adam and I already cannot wait for Spring time to roll around again so that we can get out on the paddle boards as well as enjoy the sun by the pool!

Gunner has also adjusted really well to the new apartment. Since it is a smaller space (800 sqaured feet to be excact) we were worried about him when we chose to downsize, however he gets plenty of outdoor time and during the day he gets to roam the house with a muzzle on versus be in his crate so he seems to like the arrangement better than before.

p.s. we keep a muzzle on him that he can eat and drink out of because he is a rescue who loves to chew everything that looks like a stuffy... At night he does either get lucky every once in a blue mood and sleeps with us in bed or he does sleep in his crate.

He does get more walks in now down by the water which is a lot better than in our old neighborhood on the Galloping Goose trail.

Since we are coming close to the end...I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the people who have made it this far in the read and who continue to support my hobby! I appreciate all the support and comments and having been able to keep this blog as a scrapbook of our family!

Below you will find some more fall time nature photos from around the area...

Our view from Portage West!

My favorite tree on our daily walk.

Hidden beautiful homes by the waterfront.

And then some more family photo fun...

If you are in the Victoria area and are looking for an amazing apartment living community, give the Portage West website a look! guaranteed you won't be disappointed!



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