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House Tour (Langford, BC)

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Hello everyone!

Today I FINALLY got around to taking the new house tour pictures and editing them for the blog!

Adam and I moved from the basement to the upper part of the house that we are renting out here in BC about two weeks ago and we are (almost) all set up!

The house is about 5 years old and it has two parking spots (one in the garage and one on the driveway), 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a front foyer that leads to the garage, the shared laundry room as well as up the stairs to the rest of the house. The bonus of the foyer is that it has a huge closet that fits all of our coats and the vacuum as well as other cleaning supplies.

The first thing you will see as you walk up the stairs is our dinning room and the kitchen area. The table and chairs are a project I am soon going to be working on and will be doing a blog post about!

The kitchen that we have now doesn't even compare to the kitchen that the basement apartment offered. There is enough counter space for both Adam and I to be in the kitchen at the same time as well as the island and two stools offer a great breakfast bar space!

Not only am I blessed with a handsome boyfriend, but he also loves to cook!

*This was Gunner's first time trying a lemon, he's still undecided...will keep you posted*

The overall theme of the house that I decided to go with is the colour teal as well as a somewhat country chic style (as much as Adam allowed as he likes more modern pieces).

I tried to keep the coffee & tea station the same as we had it set up downstairs only that now it is on a flat wall as opposed to in a nook type area. We placed it off the dinning area and close to the first office which is my office but also known as Gunner's room (he has recently taken over).

The living room has a fireplace and it has plenty of natural light, the whole house does in fact! Adam has mounted our TV up on the wall above the fireplace and it has quickly become our favorite spot to hang out and catch up on Game of Thrones at night!

We have set up the wine rack and record player beside the fireplace creating a little reading nook where you can sit and see the whole house even if someone is in the kitchen cooking or out on the patio barbecuing.

I have mentioned where everything is from on my previous apartment tour, but if you missed it here it is again:

Couch & Pillows: The Brick

Marble top Coffee/Tea Island: JYSK

Teal Coffee Machine: Keurig (online)

Coffee Table: Ikea

Beige Accent Chair: Ikea

Wine Rack: JYSK

Teal Record Player: Shoppers Drug Mart (electronics section)

Dining Table & Chairs: Facebook Marketplace

Grey Metal Side Table/Stool: Walmart

Living Room Curtains: Walmart

The patio has become the place where we start our mornings as well as where we try to end our nights if the weather permits! I love having this outdoor space as we really wanted a place where we can barbecue as well as where we can fit this 4 person table!

The table is a Walmart find and it was so easy for us to put together! The only downfall is that the chairs cannot be pushed all the way in under the table. Also, picking it up at the store and driving it home was a struggle as it came in two big and very heavy boxes. The pluses are that it is very sturdy and it also came with these bright blood orange cushions.

The barbecue is a Canadian Tire purchase as Adam wanted one that had a side burner but still to be around the $200.00 CAD mark!

I purchased the beige placements from Winners and they are great for the outdoors as they are kind of a rubbery material which makes it very easy for clean up!The one thing I have a love/hate relationship with are my dinning table placements which are a knitted beige and white chevron pattern. They are machine wash friendly however you still have to spray them with stain remover first and then toss them in the washing machine. They are also drier friendly on a low cycle so that is also a plus! If you are looking for something super easy I suggest you go with something that can be washed by hand with the dishes such as my outdoor ones as they are way less high maintenance.

We currently have the two spare bedrooms set up as a his/hers office spaces, only that my office has quickly become Gunner's bedroom as the crate is so big and needed a place to go.

Adam has his office set up with his brand new gaming computer build as well as most of his clothes and work stuff as the closet in that bedroom is quite spacious! For reference, Adam's office is the picture on the bottom left right and mine/Gunner's are all the rest:)

The closet in my office has become the catch all for things such as: extra blankets, extra bedding, office supplies as well as Gunner's food.

The master bedroom has a decently sized walk in closet as well as it's own bathroom. The bed frame is from Wayfair and the mattress and box spring are from The Brick. Our lamps and nightstands were Winners finds from 2 years and the full length mirror is also from Winners about 3 months ago. Our bedding is from Ikea! (warning: the cute dog did not come with the bedding) .

I found this cute Ralph Lauren blue flower shower curtain at Winners as well! My favorite thing about this bathroom aside from the fact that is it right off our master bedroom is that it has a window!

The basement apartment was an above ground build but we still struggled with natural light even if there were plenty of windows in the unit.

Almost forgot, the home matt at the front door is from Walmart and the wreath was made by me with everything you can find at Michael's!

Thank you for following along on our journey out here in BC and keep and eye out for the dinning table makeover project as I will be making a blog post on that as soon as I get it done!



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