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Basement Suite Tour (Langford, BC)

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Hello everyone & happy Saturday!

I thought it would be kind of fun to share what our basement apartment looks like here in Langford, BC before we move into the house upstairs come April!

With this being Adam and my first apartment together and it being smaller in size, we decided to decorate as minimalist as possible, though it is quite hard when you move your whole life from one province to another without first seeing the space.

The above pictures are of the first bedroom! For reference, the apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Bedframe: Wayfair

Box Spring & Mattress: The Brick

Bedding: Ikea

Side tables & Lamps: Homesense

Jewelry Organizer: Carlton Cards

It is kind of nice that most houses in our neighborhood are built above ground, so all of the basement apartments get full size windows!

The living room and kitchen area are quite small but it is an open space concept so it was easier to move furniture around until we finally found a layout that we liked.

The first picture above, is our coffee/tea nook that we have created by adding this Island/Bar Cart from JYSK and the mug rack from Ikea. Our wine rack is from JYSK but, they no longer carry it online even though we bought it 2.5 months ago. The coffee table and beige chair are older from Ikea and our grey sectional is from the Brick. Last but not least, our dining table and two stools are from Walmart.

Some links below:

Keurig machine:

Island/bar cart: (similar here)

Coffee table: (similar here)

"The house don't fall when the bones are good"- Maren Morris

We decided to turn the second bedroom into our office versus a guest room as we don't have a spare bed and we brought some desks with us:)

Both Adam and I have a desk each in here as well as all of our filling and office supplies.

The wall art next to my desk on the left, is two prints of Henri Matisse which Adam got from his grandfather who is a huge art buff!

p.s. I particularly like the lower one as it has such pretty coloring to it!

It was important for us to not clutter any rooms in this apartment as it is more on the small side. Any storage that we created was mainly building up in our two closets as well as hanging stuff on the walls such as the mug hooks we put up in the coffee/tea nook.

It's always good to have a spot for everything and also to stay organized as a small space can quickly make one feel claustrophobic when everything is a mess or out of place.

I decided to post pictures of this apartment on here since it is our first apartment living together, and we are planning on taking over the rest of the house upstairs where we will have way more room for everything! As you can see, Gunner's crate is currently located in our kitchen which makes it hard to access the laundry room.

The full length mirror from our bedroom is a Winners find as well as the rug in the kitchen that Gunner loves to sleep on:)

Finally, it's important that the outside of an apartment or house look at good as the inside and to do that I had bought the "home" mat from Walmart to spruce up the entry way!

Once we move upstairs, we will have access to the house from the front door as well as the garage and so I cannot wait to be able to put flowers by the front door as well as on our patio in the back of the house!

With living on Vancouver Island, spring has already arrived with temperatures hitting 23 degrees celsius last week, so it has been hard to not plant any flowers or be able to bbq and enjoy the patio life at home.



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