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Newest Addition- Gunner Mason Comeau

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Happy Friday everyone!

With National Puppy Day being tomorrow, March 23rd, 2019 I decided to create this post about the newest member of our family, Gunner Mason.

Adam and I adopted him from the Nanaimo SPCA here on the island in British Columbia as we have recently moved! I actually saw the add for him go up sometime at the end of January and I kept bringing it up to Adam here and there but I knew that perhaps we weren't ready yet for a doggy.

I will say, with lots of persuasion and after showing Adam the ad multiple times, he gave in and took me to meet him on my BIRTHDAY at the end of February!

Here are the add pictures they had posted on their website for Gunner:

We would describe him as a full of life 1 year & 7 month old Border Collie/ Husky mix. His story is quite sad as he was tied up all of his life in his previous owners backyard and basically left to starve. I found out yesterday that he weighed 15.5 kg on December 7th, 2018 which was his intake date. He now weighs a healthy 28.8 kg and he loves eating his kibble! Definitely not a picky eater at all which we are very glad for.

Surprisingly with his background, he does not counter surf and he will not beg or eat off the table which is really good! His favorite has quickly become when his dad gives him a new chew bone from the pack that we bought him!

The above pictures are from February 24th, 2019 when we drove up 1.5 hours to the SPCA here on Vancouver Island located in Nanaimo, BC. It was my birthday and so I decided to get dolled up a little bit! The weather was cold but sunny and beautiful, perfect for a walk with the pup!

He of course did not know us so the first thing he did when he met us was grab a hold of my favorite grey turtleneck sweater and play tug of war with it! I will admit, it scared me a little bit as I did not know him very well at the time and being fully grown he was a little intimidating. However, he seemed to listen to Adam well enough, so we could see the potential there!

We decided then and there that we would adopt him for my 26th Birthday and so Adam went and picked him up 4 days later and brought him home!

The below picture is night one at home when mom already said he is allowed on the bed while dad shook his head behind the camera while taking this picture:)

The next 4 nights and 5 days were by far the hardest for me as Adam is in the Army and works shift work. Therefore, I was at home by myself with him. The first couple of days are very crucial I found as he was trying to test me and see how many boundaries he can push. They did warn us that he can be a little overwhelming at first and let me tell you they were not lying!

We did however purchase a crate for him to get him crate trained despite the fact that he is a fully grown pup. He did not like the crate off the bat no matter how many toys or treats we put in it. However, looking back at it now 4 weeks later, he still doesn't love going in but, he also does not fight us anymore. For the first week or so we would bring him to the crate with the leash on and it was more difficult to get him in, but once he was in the crate and had his toys he did not ever cry or complain which was a HUGE plus!

The day that dad gave me my very first chew bone! yay

So this is what Netflix and chill is all about....hmm

I am so happy that Adam had pushed me into adoption versus buying a puppy from a breeder, because it makes my heart so much more full knowing we get to make this little man happy for the next years to come despite his start in life!

Growing up I had a beautiful Golden Retriever named Brutus whom I loved very dearly but, unfortunately he passed away last Mother's Day. It really left a whole in my heart and I hadn't felt that love until I met Gunner. A dog's love is so special and if you put the time and effort in with them when they are fairly young it will most definitely pay off later on!

The biggest challenge we have been running into has been getting him to stop nipping/biting at us even if it's in a playful way. Due to the fact that he was never truly trained he is a full grown dog with the mind of a puppy- is how we like to describe it :)

However, he is a very energetic and loving little man who loves to be in the same room or spot on the couch (though we are trying to train him to not go on the couch) as we are. For example, if I'm cooking in the kitchen, he will lie down right by my feet to keep me company!

We have also found with the Border Collie/Husky breed, you absolutely need to stimulate their minds as well as physically. We try to take him out on lots of walks daily and Adam will at times go jogging with him on the trails near by our house. It's also super handly to have tons of toys that you can put his kibble in where he has to work for it to take them out. He absolutely loves toys like that! Any other stuffy's he will destroy in 2.5 seconds... unfortunately we have tried haha

Kong toys are an amazing option, but can be quite expensive. However, you can find similar toys at Walmart or even Amazon for a cheaper price. Basically any rubber toy that has slots in it where you can sneak treats or food is a WIN with the Border Collie/ Husky breed!

I actually saw a toy yesterday at Winners where you can sneak smaller ice cubes for the summer time in. I wouldn't recommend that indoors as it will make a wet mess all over the floors but an amazing option for hot summer days on the deck!

Patiently waiting for family walk after din din

The saying:" All good things take time", has been the best way to describe the past 10 months of my life. It has been a whirlwind of excitement from the day I met Adam, to us moving across Canada for his work, falling in love with Vancouver Island life and now adding a new member to our small family! I can honestly say for the first time in my adult life with zero hesitation that I am the happiest I have ever been and I am exactly where I was meant to be and with the best spouse and best friend that any girl can dream up!

Food & Toys Gunner has been loving are listed below:

p.s. He had a previous skin condition from chicken and salmon dry food, so we currently have him on the Natural Balance Grain Free, Sweet Potato and Venison dry food as well as the treats!

Walking Accessories:

Top Paw Double Door Wire Dog 48" Crate:

Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for allowing my dream of being a dog mom come true and Happy National Puppy Day for March 23rd, 2019 everyone!



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