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Our move Across Canada

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Adam & I recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia as this was the place that we got posted to for Adam's work! It was one of our top three choices, so naturally once we found out the news we couldn't wait to get moving!

But before we drove across the country, we first had to spend one last Christmas and New Years in Ontario with both of our families!

The trip was just shy of 5,000 km and it took us a total of 9 days and 8 nights. We started out at Adam's dad's house and drove to my parent's house to say goodbye to them and then our first stop was Sudbury, Ontario. This is where I got to show Adam where I went to University!

Our next destination after visiting Laurentian University was Thunder Bay where we spent our first night! By the time we got to the hotel, we were both tired after driving for 8 hours so we decided to grab dinner at a restaurant close by and call it a night. To note, Thunder Bay was the worst snow we encountered on the whole trip. As we were leaving in the morning, they were expecting another big snow storm so we lucked out!

The whole next day we spent trying to make good time on the road because we wanted to get as close to or out of Ontario. This is also when we realized we still had so many gift cards for the LCBO and the Beer Store as well as a couple lottery tickets to check. So, we stopped by the appropriate stores and got our alcohol for the trip and continued on out.That day we drove from Thunder Bay to Kenora, Ontario where we stopped for the night.

Our third stop was in Winnipeg where we enjoyed a nice fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant downtown once we got in later in the day.

Some days we decided to drive more km's versus other days we had maybe only 5-6 hours to do. It was all dependent of where the major cities were and how we were feeling that day. We also took turns driving but 8-9 hour days are long even for two people.

The fourth stop was in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Since we had called it quits pretty early the night before, we hit the road between 7:00 am- 8:00 am after having breakfast at the hotel and we got to Medicine Hat by about 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm. After experiencing the cold weather and snow in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, we were amazed to find 10 degree weather once we arrived in Alberta.

This past winter was a little all over the place, but nevertheless we were so happy we had a couple of hours to check out the mall close to our hotel as well as go our to dinner at Milestones!

Our fifth stop was Regina, Saskatchewan where funny story...Adam had bought tickets to take me out to a symphony that Google had told us was close to our hotel that night. We got all dolled up to go to dinner once again at Milestones (we had a lot of Christmas gift cards that we wanted to use up on the trip) and then we drove over to the venue address that Google gave us for our tickets. After about almost an hour of driving/walking around this big complex with a lot of buildings we found out that Google had placed the event in the wrong province all together and our tickets were not valid as we were at the wrong venue.... long story short, we got our money back since it was an error on their part and their advertising however it made for a funny story on our across Canada trip!

Our sixth stop was Calgary where we stayed in a very nice suite hotel much so that I took a video of it:)

This night we also bought tickets to a Calgary hockey game. It was Adam's first ever NHL hockey game and luckily for him Calgary won that night!

By the time we got to Calgary, our trip was almost half way over and we were so sick of sleeping in a new hotel room every night and eating out even if it was at nice restaurants.

Our seventh night was spent in Kelowna where we mainly ordered food in and Adam went to the gym that they had connected to our hotel. The day of driving to Kelowna was the very least boring out of all of them. We got to drive through Banff !!! Neither one of us had ever seen such beautiful and grad mountains in real life so it was a very scenic drive and we both took it in as much as possible.

I feel like the pictures we took don't even make the mountains justice. It made for really pretty pictures with the snow as well.

We stopped at a small bistro type restaurant while in Banff for lunch and it was the most amazing food! The place was called the Truffle Pig and we both would recommend you stop by if you are making the trip through Banff. I had the Cheesy A.F. Sausage Mac and OMG was it ever amazing! Adam decided to try out their Barely Legal Stoner Sandwich because the name was too funny not to! You can find the link below:

With full bellies we kept on driving until we got to Kelowna where we spent the night.

On our eighth day we drove from Kelowna to Surrey, BC where we spent one night on the mainland before crossing over to Langford, British Columbia on our last travel day. Our ferry was for 8:00 am so we woke up pretty early and crossed over where we got the keys to our rental apartment later that day!

The ferry was about $75.00 for the car and about $25.00 per person. We found that to be quite pricey if you want to go to Vancouver to visit on the off chance that there is an event happening. However, the breakfast they serve is delicious and the ferry is very big in size. The ferry ride takes about and hour and a half but for us with all the excitement it felt like an eternity!

I wish I had taken pictures of the amount of boxes we had in our apartment the first week or so until we unpacked everything because it must have been 60 boxes or so!

The first night in our new place together was spent sleeping on a blow up mattress as our new bed and frame had not yet arrived, having a celebratory glass of champagne (the bottle traveled with us in the car across Canada) and falling asleep very very early!

We had my car shipped from Ontario to British Columbia and I can safely say that the company we used was one I would never recommend to anyone. With that being said, we had to make one more trip about 2-3 weeks after we arrived to the island to pick up my car from Surrey, BC.

Fast forward to now, we have been on the island for almost 3 months and we haven't been back to the mainland at all. We have everything we need right here from tons of trails to hike, shipping, movies and everything in between!

In the past 3 months Adam and I have gone through 3 moves (one across Canada) which puts us in the rental house that we are currently in as well as 5,000 km traveled together and a newly adopted puppy. To sum it all up, I wouldn't want anyone other than him to share it all with!

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