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Pantry Organization Tips

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blog!

Today, being at home sick, I wanted to still feel productive around the house even if I wasn't feeling too well to leave anywhere.

I decided to tackle the Party before Adam comes home in a couple of weeks. In doing so, I started with any boxed items that were overflowing in the baskets I had originally put in there.

By removing the cereal, granola bars and any other pre-packaged items that were able to be stored as is in the baskets, it created more space for other food items.

When we first moved in half a year ago, I purchased these beige baskets from Dollarstore as well as created labels for all of them so that it hopefully remains neater for longer.

I have split them up in the following categories:

1. Onions and Potatoes;

2. Rice and Pasta;

3. Canned Items;

4. Sweet Spreads and Snacks;

5. Tupperware;

6. Two baskets of Baking Supplies;

7. Tea;

8. Cereal and Granola Bars;

The top shelf of the Pantry holds some of my nicer serving dishes as well as the Turkey Pan and any table runners or place mats for our indoor or outdoor tables.

The very bottom of the Pantry consists of all our recycling, Gunners food for easy access, our crock pot and any paper towel or toilet paper back ups.

Our kitchen is quite spacious in cupboard space, so all of our dishes as well as pots and pans and any other cooking or baking supplies fit perfectly.

This is a picture of the before:

This is the after:

Here are some more close ups!

For me it's super important that there is a space where everything can fit into. Though I will admit, the first spot to get very messy very fast is the tupperware basket! Guilty as charged, however every 2 or 3 weeks I take the whole thing out and reorganize it all for piece of mind :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope everyone is having a productive start of their week!



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