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Kitchen Organization Motivation:

Hello everyone,

With it finally being summer and Adam being a couple of weeks away from his return home, I decided to take a look at all of our kitchen things and organize everything a little better.

I went through and tossed what we no longer needed, purchased a bunch of plastic platters, plates, bowls and glasses since our pool and bbq area at the apartment does not allow for any glass.

I also purchased a bunch of baskets from Walmart and the Dollarstore for more organization as well as cabinet liner for some of our cabinets.

Our kitchen is fairly small since we live in a one bedroom plus den apartment and so I find that being organized is key especially when living in small spaces.

**The table runner is from Amazon and linked here!**

I keep most of our appliances in our pantry (there is a blog post here on our pantry organization) which keeps our counter top free of clutter and with enough room to prep on!

Most of our cabinets on top are lined with a blue liner from Walmart so that we preserve the cabinets since we do rent here. We do have a variety of ceramic and plastic plates, bowl as well as cups and wine glasses...ect.

I did also go in and label all of the shelves (if you squint really closely) so that way when Adam comes home after 8 months of being away he will easily be able to unload the dishwasher and this way it will always stay organized. I also think this is a good idea if you do have kids that you are trying to get more involved in chores!

I have a variety of baskets in the cabinets where we keep all of our cleaning supplies (under the sink) as well as the cabinet where we keep things such as zip lock bags, parchment paper..ect. I find that this way everything has it's own designated spot.

The spice rack that we have on our countertop beside the stove is actually a find from Homesense about a year ago that I spray painted this mint colour to match the colour scheme of the house. We also do have a small corner cabinet where we keep all of the backups and overflow of spices thatw e don't use very often. All of the spices are also labelled with my dymo machine.

Last but not least is our coffee nook area that is off the kitchen. The stand is from JYSK abut two years ago. Our coffee machine is aa Keurig and the punch jug is actually from Walmart!

Thank you to everyone who clicked on this post and happy organizing!

I hope this post gave you a little motivation to tackle your own space and perhaps some inspiration as well!



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