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THE RING and everything in between

Hello there!

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend and here we go with yet another blog post!

This one will involve the process of how Adam and I started talking about rings and how we came to the decision of picking the most gorgeous Emerald cut halo engagement ring!

First of all, Adam proposed to me back in October, however he waited until half way through the deployment to make the big purchase once he was home for a break.

I have always known that my favorite type of ring was an Emerald cut with a halo detail and that it would have to be 14k white gold as most of my jewelry is white gold or silver as opposed to yellow gold.

We started out looking at all the regular chain type jewelry stores such as: Peoples, Michael Hill, Anne Louise...ect however, we found out that the size of diamond I was looking for (around 1.5-2 carat) was not within our budget unfortunately. For reference, we wanted to stick to a budget of $3,000 or as close as possible to that.

We looked at alternatives to diamonds such as gemstones Morganite and White Sapphire and after much research we came across Moissanite. Mossainte is not a diamond impostor such as Cubic Zirconia, it is it's own gemstone that nowadays comes in a colorless or near colorless variety. The only downside to living on an island is that Moissanite is mostly sold online or nowhere near where we live.

The ring Adam and I designed is from Paul Mara in downtown Victoria, BC. They were one of the only local businesses to sell Moissanite in store and they were such a pleasure to work with on this one!

The details:

14k White and Yellow gold Ring by Ever and Ever set with 8x6mm or 1 3/4 carat Forever One Colorless Emerald cut Moissanite and 24= .12ctw SI clarity GH color and my finger size is a 4.75 :)

My 14k white gold wedding band is a low dome comfort fit 3mm width band from Anne Louise in size 4.75. The 14k yellow gold band you see me wearing belonged to my mother. I like to wear it along side my engagement ring and new wedding band since my ring has a yellow gold detail on the inside of it to perfectly match both bands.

I am also going to tag the Ever and Ever Collection of rings on their website here!

If by this point you are thinking the 3 week break was just to spoil me, you are wrong! I also surprised Adam with a new wedding band when he came home 3 weeks ago.

His band is from Michael Hill and it is a 9mm Tungsten Matt Black finish which he loves!

I can't begin to explain how excited both of us are to finally be wearing our forever rings and to be only 7 months away from having our dream wedding in Ontario with all our closest friends and family!

If you are in our area and are looking for good quality jewelry, don't hesitate to reach out to Paul Mara. Marsha Mara was an absolute pleasure to correspond and work with!

One last thing I should mention are silicone wedding bands!!!

Adam and I both have a matching black and white ones from Enso, however he also has a grey one from Bass Pro Shops and I have the colorful array of Amazon ones pictured above.

If you are a gym nut like my husband and I, you will need to invest in a couple of these (to match your every outfit...). Paul Mara also recently partnered up with Enso and they do sell them in store now as well!

P.S. the white velvet ring box is also an Amazon find!



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