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The story of us & Getting Married

Updated: Apr 12

Hello everyone!

It seems that Adam and I have confused everyone who just about knows us with the last couple of months, however our lives have been that much of a whirlwind.

The story of us...

Adam and I met about a year and a half ago online. We chatted on the phone and texted for close to two months before one night at 9:00 pm Adam received a text from me asking if he wanted to go have a coffee and finally meet in person. He was almost half way there I'm sure before responding ABSOLUTELY!

Our first date was in July of 2018 at Symposium Cafe in Alliston, Ontario and I can remember we probably both drank two decaf coffees each and left the cafe close to midnight!

I'm not going to lie, getting out of a 6 year relationship that was not on the good side, I was scared of meeting someone new but both Adam and I were on the same wavelength about wanting a serious relationship, a family and children down the road.

I think where we went right, was that we put everything out on the table in the sense of him being in the military and what we wanted for the future, both together and separately in our careers and personal lives.

I visited him at the base every weekend when he was confined to base during the initial phase of his military course and after that was over he was able to meet my family and visit a lot more. My parents live about a 20 minute drive from the base where Adam was at for the Academy.

We grew closer and did everything together from getting to meet Sam Roberts in Muskoka at a friend's cottage to goat yoga, gym dates and everything in between!

When it came time to choosing our first posting, Adam was looking up places where I would be able to find a job comparable to the job I had in Toronto which was incredibly sweet of him.

We ended up getting our third option which was on Vancouver Island! Finding out over the phone from Adam, I was a little shocked and scared to be honest. It was about 5,000 km from all our friends and family, however I did not have a doubt in my mind that we would move together and be happy there no matter what!

As soon as I got off the phone I got on my work email and emailed every single branch manager at all the TD Banks in the Victoria area. Luckily, I was able to secure a position at a branch 20 minutes from where we had rented our first basement apartment (there is a blog post on it if you're curious) in about a week's time.

We spent our last Christmas and New Year's in Ontario with our families and hit the road the day after New Year's. The road trip was about 9 days total and I also have a blog post on that as well for anyone looking to make the Canada drive from coast to coast.

Since then, Adam and I have moved twice and currently live in an amazing apartment community closer to both our jobs! I should mention, I was only at the TD branch for about two working days until I was offered my current job at the University of Victoria. While we were on our 9 day drive over I got a phone call and set up an interview for the second day that we arrived to island!

Now on to marriage...

My parents were scheduled to come visit us for Thanksgiving and a day prior to them arriving, Adam proposed!!! We found out with short notice that Adam will be leaving on a deployment soon and so we set everything up in order to have a civil marriage here in British Columbia with my parents! I knew that the proposal was going to happen in 2020 at some point anyways if not for the deployment news, but I am beyond grateful that we were able to share this special moment together and with my family under such a stressful time with him leaving so soon.

Adam and I got married civilly by the Gorge Waterfront and it was by far our best day yet! The weather was a perfect 15 degrees and just the right amount of sun for all of our pictures!

After the ceremony was complete we took some photos by the water of the two of us, some with my parents and then went home to change as we also wanted some more fall casual engagement type photos at Royal Roads University!

I am super happy with how all of our photos and videos turned out from this day and it was one to remember for sure!

We are also very thankful for the amount of warm wishes, messages, cards and gifts we have already received!

As an exciting update, we do have the wedding and venue booked for October 3rd, 2020 at a beautiful golf course in London, Ontario!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is and has helped us along the way with moving, deployment or just being supportive of us and our dreams together and cannot wait to see everyone in October in Ontario!



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