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Updated Home Office

Hello everyone and happy almost Fall and back to school for those who have little ones or who are themselves returning to school!

With working from home for what will be 6 months at the end of September, my husband and I both decided to update our offices once he got back from the deployment.

In this post I wanted to take you through my must haves for a home office and share some links as well!

To start off, we live in an 800 sq. ft. apartment that has one bedroom plus den.

The den is more so like a storage room or a second walk in closet for size, so my husband has his office and gaming set up in there.

I decided to set up my new L shaped desk from Amazon in between our pantry and the living room as it was the only usable space in the apartment that would work.

I am also going to link the desk we bought for Adam for a second option! The L shape has helped both of us maximize the limited space we have while giving us more room to work on.

I also picked up a new mesh back ergonomic office chair as the old one I had was a leather egg shaped Ikea one that was causing lower back pain. I will also link the one we bought for my hubby here!

For the longest time I was borrowing one of my work monitors, however I decided to pick one up for the home office as well! I chose the Asus Full HD 1080P IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor, 23" in white!

I also picked up a new Logitech keyboard+ mouse combo and a HD webcam as well as a reversible leather mouse pad to complete the new tech for this home office!

The glass monitor raiser is also from Amazon and linked here!

We also do have a small HP printer in Adam's office which has come in very handy to be able to print and scan from home without having to go into the office once a week just to get documents scanned in and saved.

The diffuser that is pictured on my desk is our newest addition and it was purchased in from London Drugs, however I am going to link a similar one off Amazon here!

I find it to be very soothing while I work and the 500 ml water reservoir sure lasts a long time before I have to fill it up again. The only downside to it is that a lot of essential oils are not safe for dogs, so at the moment I only have three on hand: lavender, ginger and chamomile!

When Adam came home from deployment, we both decided that our home lacked in greenery and picked up these 3 plants from Walmart. They were all around $25.00 CAD and bring a lot of life to the space.

The basket which the one plant is in is from Winners/Homesense and the other black metal stand is from Amazon! The stand comes in three different heights and sizes though we went with the tallest one.

I hope this blog post gave you some inspiration on how to redo your home office on a budget even if you live in a small apartment like we do!


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