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Veggie Beef Stew soup Recipe:

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

HELLO everyone and welcome back to yet another cooking blog post!

This time I will be sharing mine and Adam's favorite soup recipe! Once you figure out the basics of how homemade soup is made, it is quite easy to make your own variation of it!

First off, for homemade soup you either choose to use store bought broth or you make your own by using some sort of meat that has bone or fat to it such as chicken thigh/wing or chopped up beef.

(Note: If you choose the chicken route, leave the chicken on the bone until the very end. If you don't want any bones in the soup then, take the chicken out of the pot to take off the bone and place only the meat back in. The bones or fatty parts are what create the broth and give the water flavor).

I choose to make this soup using beef stew meat that I boil first to create the broth.

Below you will find the ingredients list:


- 4 large potatoes

- A stock of leaks or 1 white onion

-3 big carrots

- 1 pound of meat of choice

- 1 big can of tomato cooking sauce

- Juice from 1 lemon

The pot that I normally use is huge so the measurements match the size of pot I am using. If you are using a smaller pot you can get away with using less of everything!


I normally choose to go with a stock of leaks instead of an onion since we already cook a lot with onions normally and they are part of the same family!

Also, for some reason and I don't exactly know why, my mother and grandmother have always added two beaten eggs at the end of certain soups that they make. I love the taste so I never questioned it!

I started getting into the habit of making a big pot of soup on Sunday's close to the time that Adam and I moved in together. I find it very calming since it normally takes about an hour and a half to complete it. The big bonus of us is that we can take leftovers to work all week long!

The beauty of this type of soup is that you can truly substitute any veggies and meat you have on hand to change it up from week to week.

Also, Gunner doesn't leave my side when I'm in the kitchen....

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you try out this simple Veggie Beef Stew Soup Recipe!



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