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Victoria, BC Guide

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to take a minute to create a helpful blog post about what Adam and I have discovered on the island thus far! Here I will be sharing some of our favorite recent photos and favorite places to visit!

First off, I will start by sharing our favorite places to EAT:

1. Three Gringos, Langford, BC (if you are feeling a chimichanga)

2. The Local, Victoria, BC (we love this patio in the summer)

3. Veneto Bar Ristorate (for something Italian or more of a special occasion)

4. Bin4, Langford, BC (if you are looking for a burger type patio restaurant)

5. Red Fish Blue Fish, Victoria, BC (have heard amazing things, still have yet to try it)

I love it when Adam visits me at work over lunch so that we are able to grab a bite to eat together!

@The Local, Victoria BC enjoying patio season

As much as we both love to cook, sometimes you need to get out and let someone else do the cooking. Though it's not very often we like to go downtown and try some of the different patio type restaurants that Victoria has to offer. The one thing on my bucket list is to try out the Red Fish Blue Fish or any other good seafood restaurant here as being on an island I am told the seafood is amazing and super fresh!

The next exciting topic will be some of the downtime activities and trails we have been loving:)

.Most of the time we love to go for long walks down the Galloping Goose Trail that extends all the way from Sooke, BC all the way to downtown Victoria. It is about 60 km in length and a lot of people use it to bike to work as it passes through Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, View Royal, Saanich and ends up in Victoria. From Langford where we live, it runs parallel to Highway 1 which makes it a somewhat easy and direct route in if you are an avid cycler.

Our other spot that we love to go to on the weekends or after work is Thetis Lake. We normally are able to take Gunner with us here since there are so many trails that have all different types of difficulties. Dogs are allowed to be off leash on the trails as long as they behave well however the main beach during the summer season does not allow dogs. The whole loop around the lake is almost 8 km in length and there is also an off leash dog beach as well as a main beach that is sandy and the water is very clean and clear. Lots of people love to go paddle boarding and canoeing/kayaking off the main beach as they have an area to load floats into the water!

Here is a list of some beaches in the Victoria area:

1. Island View Beach and Regional Park;

2. Willows Beach;

3. Mystic Beach;

4. Mount Douglas beach;

5. Gonzales Bay;

6. Spiral Beach;

7. Thetis Lake Regional Park;

8. Langford Lake Beach Park;

9. Glen Lake;

10. Albert Head Lagoon;

11. Witty's Lagoon;

You can also find more information on Thetis Lake and all that it has to offer here:

The outdoor life truly trumps the Toronto concrete jungle any day out here in my opinion. We are planning on going camping later this summer as well as have plans to purchase a canoe and or canoe roof rack for the Jeep so that we can get out on the water.

Gunner is all ready to go with his Amazon Shark Life Jacket:

His first attempt to go swimming was at Albert Head Lagoon in April when the ocean was freezing however he loves to run around and splash his feet in the water. The second time we truly gave it a go was at Glen Lake a couple weeks ago and I don't think he realized he can swim since as soon as he got too far out where his back legs barely reached he started trying to jump to stay with his head above water.

So we thought it was a good idea to get him a life jacket since we do plan on teaching him to go on a canoe with the two of us.Though it is hard to imagine that far in advance since he is basically a full grown dog with major puppy like tendencies. Here is a video of his second time in the water:

Another path that I have been told by everyone I have met is by Dallas Road in Victoria, BC. Adam and I still have yet to explore this but it is for sure on our to see list! I am told you can see the most breathtaking sunsets from this location:) Here is some more information on it:

Last but not least my last recommendation, for now at least is the Butchart Gardens! We are waiting until the fall time to go since we missed Spring and Fall time is my favorite season. I am told you can bring dogs on a leash and the flowers are something right out of a story book!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather and their outdoor surroundings no matter where you are located! There is always so much around us to explore, as long as you are willing to try new things!

Thank you for the read!



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